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At esa we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a first class service to our clients which means that we are committed to finding high calibre people to join our team.

Whether your skills lie in sales, marketing, housekeeping, finance or IT, we are always keen to hear from passionate and enthusiastic candidates who want to work at esa.

Application Process

All our vacancies will be posted on our site and will have a comprehensive job description attached to give you a good idea about what the role entails and which skills are required. If you see the job of your dreams you can quickly and easily apply to the vacancy through our simple online application form.

Under the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996 it is an offence to employ anybody who has not been granted leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom. In order to comply with current legislation, should we choose to progress your application, we will ask that you provide us with proof that you are eligible to work in the United Kingdom.  

Under the Police Act 1997 esa requires new members of staff whose job role requires them to visit an occupied apartment to undergo a CRB check. The information we obtain will only be made available to those who require it and all findings are kept strictly confidential.

Recruitment Process

In order to make the recruitment process successful for everyone involved, we will make sure that we always match applicants' skills and experience as closely as possible to the job description and person specification. From here we will produce a shortlist of those we feel are right for the job and will invite them to participate in an initial telephone interview and/or a first stage interview at the esa head office.

Successful applicants will be sent an email invitation to attend an interview and will be given details on the time, date and location as well as full details about the structure of the interview. Every candidate will be offered the same opportunity to give the best presentation of themselves to demonstrate their suitability to the job and to ask any questions they may have about esa.

Housekeeping Roles

Candidates who have applied for housekeeping roles and successfully pass the first stage interview will be invited to complete a practical trial of the role. This will involve spending time at the esa head office in Newbury as well as at the specific location where the vacancy exists. This provides an opportunity for potential new members of staff to learn more about the role, what would be expected of them and to meet our existing, experience housekeeping teams.

Office Based Roles

Candidates who have applied for office based roles and successfully pass the first stage interview will be invited to attend a second interview. This will involve either a presentation, role play exercises and/or an "in tray" exercise. This interview will be conducted by the recruiting line manager and a member of senior management and will also involve competency based, role specific questions.

Decision Time

esa will always endeavour to inform applicants of the outcome of their interview as soon as possible, whether successful or not and feedback will always be provided. We will always treat candidates fairly, consistently and courteously and keep all applicants on file shall a later vacancy arise.  To speak to a member of our dedicated team contact us now, or alternatively, to see a list of our current vacancies click here.